Boko Haram Weapons Specialist Arrested In Sambisa Forest

Report has it that a French man was reportedly arrested during the capture of Boko Haram's strongest enclave in Sambisa forest last week Friday.

The man worked for Boko Haram as a specialist in repairing and unlocking armored personnel vehicles and other fighting equipment.

Although the Federal government and the military authorities are yet to comment on his arrest, a source within the military says the Frenchman was arrested along the Bama axis of the dreaded forest.

“He was arrested along the Bama axis of the Sambisa forest and agreed to give vital information provided he would be spared. I learnt that he is from France but authorities do not want to make his real identity known for diplomatic reasons…They  don’t want to jeopardise the success recorded,”the source said.
The source added that the sect members might have moved to another location alongside the yet to be rescued Chibok girls.

“It is likely they (Boko Haram) are somewhere because they moved away with their equipment and prized possessions, including the Chibok girls in possession of Shekau group”.