Lionel Messi Reveals The Only Player He Has Ever Asked To Swap Jersey With

Barcelona star and Argentina striker, Lionel Messi has revealed that although he has never been the one to ask an opponent to swap shirts at the end of a game, but the only time he has ever done that was with Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane. "I am not one to ask to swap shirts," the Barcelona star said to Invictos.

NO CHANCE He added: "I asked, once...I asked Zidane." Lionel Messi celebrating a goal. Even earlier in his playing career before he started to win awards and breaking records, the Argentine admitted he did not approach any player he has faced in a match for their shirt.

However, Zidane seemed to be the only exception to the rule after an El Clasico encounter in 2006 as that was the year the Madrid legend retired. Lionel Messi. The 29-year-old also revealed that former Real Madrid midfielder Guti shockingly asked him for his shirt both at Camp Nou and the Bernabeu in a season. "Guti came and asked me. He asked me when we played here (Camp Nou) and when we played there (Santiago Bernabeu). In both matches," the Argentine said. 


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