Ronaldinho Set To Marry Two Women On The Same Day

Football star and Brazilian legend, Ronaldinho is set to marry two women: Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza on the same day according to several reports.
The former Brazilian international reportedly will marry his fiancees, Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza later in August 2018.

A report by the Standard reveals that the two women have been co-existing together in his £5million mansion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ronaldinho and his fiancees 
According to reports, Ronaldinho began dating Beatriz in 2016 and continued his long-term relationship with Priscilla. 

The report reveals that both Priscilla and Beatriz have an allocated £1,500 "allowance", which they receive from Ronaldinho.

He also gives them the same gifts and cards as presents without bias and asked for both their hands in marriage around January 2017 with engagement rings.

The engagement ceremony will be a private event which will be held at the Santa Monica condominium in Rio the report states.

The report states that Ronaldinho’s sister Deisi is totally against his polygamous marriage, and confirms that star Brazilian singer Jorge Vercillo will perform at the occasion.

Ronaldinho has never admitted publicly to being in a relationship with the two women but has a video of himself and the two women on Instagram.